Printmaking by Edith Streiner


 Edith's artwork has evolved from childhood doodling to highly detailed pen and ink illustrations and more recently she has achieved a new dimension through the art of printmaking. In recent years she has become drawn towards printmaking, exploring the soft velvety lines and textural beauty of printmaking and the endless possibilities and techniques applied.
Edith has been involved in many community printmaking projects that include exhibitions, open workshops in her home studio which supports those new to printmaking and for those with some experience. Edith draws on her memory of local plants and animals in the places she has visited ranging from Europe, Pacific Islands, South East Asia, Far North Queensland and the Top End of Australia.
Her drawing skills have been translated onto a variety of print plates that include drypoint, stencil, monoprint, etching, wood block and collagraph works, either hand coloured or printed with multi coloured plates. She is experimenting with layering various plates particularly with images using light sensitive film exposures so that fine details can be reproduced on metal printing plates for etching. These methods have been combined to create artist books which is a new direction.
  • dancer1
  • exposure
  • strangler fig
  • Homesweethome Photo polymer on Copper Etching 52.5 x 30cm 2007 Edition: 20
  • Bush Stone Curlew Photo Polymer on Copper, Hand coloured, 28.5 x 410cm 2011 Edition: 20
  • Osprey at Balding Photo polymer 2 plate Etchig and Aquatint on Zinc 38 x 26cm, 2007 Edition: 10 Unframed $260.00
  • nudibranch Lino 60 x 30cm, 1991 NFS
  • Rhapsody Photo polymer on Zinc, Hand Coloured 41 x 23cm 2008 Edition: 20
  • Rhapsody Photo polymer and Zinc Etching 25.5 x 44cm 2007 Edition:20
  • Sweet Sojourne Collograph, Hand coloured 66 x 54cm 2007, Edition: 5
  • moonlightflit Photo polymer 2 plate Etching on Perspex 33 x 23 cm, 2007 Edition: 20
  • mangrovemooch Collograph, Hand coloured 66 x 54cm 2007, Edition: 5
  • Danse Orientale Alluminium etching and aquatint 60 x 40cm, 2008 Edition:20
  • krampus Dry point, Aquatint, White ground, a'la poupee Etching on Aluminium, 69 x 60cm, 2008 Edition: 5
  • emus
  • exposure Drypoint on Zinc, Hand coloured, 21 x 26cm 2004 Edition: 5
  • Hide and Seek Photo polymer on Copper Etching 29.5 x 41cm 2007 Edition: 20
  • lizard
  • jellyfish1
  • jellyfish
  • turtle-handpainted
  • Butterfly Cod Linocut 35 x 35cm 1991 Edition: 20
  • Strangler Fig Photo polymer 2 Plate Etching and Aquatint 40 x 30cm 2004 Edition: 10