Edith Streiner.

@ The Print Box Studio

Humpback Whales Magnetic Island

Great Barrier Reef. North Queensland


Edith Streiners nature inspired Art work and Stylised forms of Illustrations has been developed since early childhood.

Colouring Books

A collection of Colouring Books from Edith's Illustrations Inspired by our unique Australian Environment.


Printmakng Workshops at the Print Box Studio is a way of sharing creativity in a relaxed atmosphere and an inspirational setting.


Edith's drawings are translated onto a variety of print plates. Using Photo Polymer and traditional methods she experiments with drypoint, stencil, monoprint, etching, wood block and collagraphs. Her works are either hand coloured or printed using multi coloured plates. Some of her prints and Illustrations have been combined to create colouring books suitable for children and for use as a relaxation and rehabilitation tool. Edith participates in community printmaking projects and exhibitions and also runs open printmaking workshops in her home studio, supporting those that are new to printmaking.

Embracing Humpbacks

Photopolymer Etching on Copper Plate 49 x 37cm Edition: 20, 2015

Danse Orientale

Alluminium Etching and Aquatint 60 x 40cm
Edition: 20, 2008


Drypoint Etching on Zinc Hand coloured 21 x 26cm
Edition: 5, 2004

Home sweet home

Photo polymer Etching on Copper Plate 52.5 x 30cm Edition: 20, 2007


Photo Polymer Etching on Copper Plate Hand coloured 28.5 x 410cm
Edition: 20, 2011

Box Jellyfish

Etching and Aquatint on Zinc 25 x 19.5cm
Edition: 5, 2007

Der Krampus

Dry point, Aquatint, White ground, a'la poupee Etching on Aluminium, 69 x 60cm Edition: 5, 2008

Mangrove Mouch

Collograph, Hand coloured
66 x 54cm
Edition: 10, 2007

Moonlight Flit

Photo polymer 2 plate Etching on Perspex 33 x 23 cm
Edition: 20, 2007

Shovelnose Shark

Photo Polymer and Aquatint Etching 40 x 35cm
Edition 20, 2014

Strangler Fig

Photo polymer 2 Plate Zinc Etching and Aquatint
40 x 30cm
Edition: 10, 2004

Green Turtle

Lino Print Hand coloured
20 x 17cm
Edition: 5, 1991

Bush-Stone Curlew

Photo Polymer on Copper, Hand coloured 28.5 x 41cm Edition: 20, 2011

Osprey at Balding

Photo Polymer 2 plate Etching and Aquatint on Zinc Plate
38 x 26cm
Edition: 10, 2007


Photo Polymer Etching on Zinc Plate Hand Coloured
41 x 23cm
Edition: 20, 2008


Lino 60 x 30cm, 1991

Butterfly Cod

Butterfly Cod Linocut
35 x 35cm
Edition: 20, 1991

Talk Turkey

Photo Polymer Etching Hand Coloured on Aluminium
40 x 59cm
Edition 20, 2014


Photo Polymer Etching Hand Coloured on Aluminium
40 x 59cm
Edition 20, 2014

Tasman Seals

Etching and Aquatint on Aluminium Hand Coloured
40 x 59cm
Edition 20, 2014

lilypond Balding Bay, Magnetic Island.
Etching and Aquatint with White Ground on Zinc 22 x 9cm
Edition: 20, 2007


Photo Polymer Etching and Aquatint Hand coloured on Copper 40 x 30cm
Edition:20, 2009