Edith Streiner

I was born in Canada in 1959 and arrived at Australia in the early seventies. As a child through the long winter months I spent many hours in creative practice with my mother a ceramicist experimenting in sculpture, illustration and painting. Coming from German speaking parents which is still the primary language at home I absorbed many of the myths and folklore that my mother would read using Grims Fairytale and Wilhelm Busch narratives as parables for learning and to inspire imagination. It was this creative upbringing that has been a major influence in developing my style as an artist.
My artwork evolved from childhood doodling to highly detailed pen and ink illustrations and more recently have been achieving a new dimension through the art of printmaking.
Throughout my life I have travelled extensively overseas and developing a taste for change as my source for my inspiration.. In the early 80,s I moved to northern Queensland where I fell in love with the ocean. I have spent many years on the water sailing sharing my life with my husband and dog Beau, travelling The Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia and the east coast of Australia. Living in close proximity with my environment and its inhabitants I have developed a deep respect and understanding for the land and sea. I have been inspired by the wonders and beauty of nature observing detail to its finest, creating patterns of design and movement to express my style. Over the years I have been predominantly self-taught but in recent years have undertaken formal study at The Great Barrier Reef Institute in a Visual Arts Diploma. I was granted Printmaker of the year Award in 2007.
Moving back to home to Uki in Northern N.S.W. Australia I joined the Community Printmakers Murwillumbah and applied for a mentorship under the guidance of a Master Printmaker. I was granted a 6 months mentorship in which time I was able to extend myself in many different ways, practicing multiple registration techniques, gaining confidence working on a larger scale, experimenting with tones textures and enjoying the looseness of spontaneity.
My development in the esoterical world of printmaking has allowed me to enhance and re-interpret my work allowing my images to be expressed in a multi-dimensional way. My artwork has been exhibited in Queensland and New South Wales, and has private collections in Australia, Europe and North America. I continue to explore, experiment, extend and develop my style , which is an expression of my constant interpretation of the world around me.